Monday, November 23, 2009

the boy who was supposed to write this a long time ago

sorry people.i knew i should have updated my blog some time ago.however,i couldn't access my wordpress has something to do with the firewall seems antkillingghostofsparta was not a wise choice for a username.dumb people!

anyway,i'm in india now pursuing far it has been ok with some complications thrown in between.

my first meal in india:chicken briyani.the chicken briyani here is a whole lot different than in malaysia.the mutton balls they served with it was fantastic.i had this when i reached tiruchirapalli.there are no airports in salem so we had to take road transport from the airport to my college.

this is where i had to stay at first:hotel kirthikaa palace.1-star hotel la but it seemed to be a better place to stay than my hostel at that time.

this is a food court.look cool right?there's nothing cool about it inside though.ahahahaha.although there was pizza.............

this is my house!hahaha.apparently we were supposed to be shifted to the (currently undergoing construction) new hostel sometime soon.for now,we have to stay here.looks shabby,huh?

it does not look that bad fact,it's quite decent.we've got BIG TV,india's astro but i never watched the tv.

we've got a fridge as well (the guy at the back is premman).

hahaha.sure we'll return to malaysia with diabetes!hahaha.

the girls stay at the opposite row.we're separated by a pavement which we make full use of......

we (actually them) play football and......................

volleyball!hahaha.we even had badminton practice sessions,gatherings,photo sessions,briefings.gosh.its like a multi purpose jalan (MPJ).hahaha.the practice sessions are held in conjuction with the PIDC cup 2009 which i will inevitable blog about sometime soon.

this is the unlucky guy who was chosen by fate to be my roomate.his name is far i have stolen his chocolates,biscuits;farted merciless in his presence;used his iron etc etc.kesian him.hahahahahaha.

this is a bus that will take us to our classes which is at least a 10minute walk.during the first 2 weeks i was so rajin,waking up at 5.30am just to get ready to get on the bus which arrives at 7.45am.classes start at i'm waking up at 7am.hahahaha.

that is the medical college.we only have physiology practicals,microanatomy and dissection anatomy classes there.there are a lot of cadavers (dead bodies used for educational purposes) at the dissection hall so the hall smells like formalin.gosh.i can't offer you pictures of the cadavers as its disrespectful of the dead.i did get myself a skull though for 400rupees which is roughly RM30 (taking into account the exchange rate is RM1=13.1 rupees).its in my room now.hahaha.

i'm having most of my classes at a nearby building:Vinayaka Missions Hospital.haha.its a private hospital and yet our government hospitals are very much well equipped.i saw rats,cracks on the wall,unhygienic conditions.gosh.and yet their motto is "you're in safe hands".wtf.

PIDC owns the 5th to 8th floor of the we have our classes mostly on the 8th floor and a lecture hall at the ground floor.

this is the staircase that leads to my classes.the lifts here are super slow.if i'm slowly dying and need an operation at the 8th floor and the doctors use the lift to get there,i'm sure i won't make it.hahahaha.

the view from one of the "balconies".hehehe.there are better views though.i just have to wait till the huge beehive is not there anymore at the window.gosh.

this guy own the hospital,university and a matriculation school.this is the first picture that will greet you at the entrance to the hospital.this guy is so freaking full of himself.evidence a few pictures below......

the view from my normal's actually a good place.i can cheat during tests and the lecturers can't see it.muahahahaha.i can sleep too as the lecturers don't really pay attention to my end of the table (or is it because there's a guy who always sleep in front of them without fail and caught him instead.hmmmm)

i sit at the end of the row.these are the people i see when i turn my head to the left.

the owner.he poses like he's some sort of kollywood of him like this are all over the place:buses,rooms,hospital labs.WTF.there was this one occasion that we had to line up just to pose for pictures with him.i seriously could not see the point of us doing that.

speaking about classes,the lecturers find me the easiest to remember thanks to my name.for those who are in the dark,my name SACHIN is also the name of their greatest cricket player:sachin tendulkar.he's like a god here.hahaha.people seriously find me easy to remember.i even got a discount for lunch as the guy at the counter saw my name tag.i'm not kidding you.hahaha.

the place i'm currently at is called,its not the place where its a cool planet nor its not the place where cigarettes are mass-produced here (think Salem the cigarette brand).its a small town divided into 2 parts:old and new town is where i usually go as it is more developed.its so weird here.there are no shopping complexes but there is a Sony Center,many Nokia Stores and a Baskin Robbins outlet.

baskin robbins here is cheap.2 scoops of ice cream usually cost around 80Rs which is around RM5-ish back in malaysia.everytime i patron the outlet there's sure to be new flavours to try.i don't think i can finish tasting all the flavours during my stint here.

i have no idea why i look so emo while eating ice cream.

that's better.hahahaha.

banana royale with caramel and chocolate topping with kitkat chunks.muahahahahaha.

oreos here is a bit more expensive than in malaysia..but i don't care!!hahahaha

there's an adidas outlet.i got myself a pair of running and stuff here (adidas) are cheaper.maybe its because its made in india and they don't have to pay shipping costs to import the products from china.i seriously wonder why the stuff in malaysia are so expensive.

i give you salem's KFC:Big Chick!hahaha.there are KFC outlets in india,mind you.the nearest one from salem is 6 hours away in bangalore.hahahaha.

salem's MPH/ has a cool name though.this is where i'll get ang's KamaSutra.yes people.Kama Sutra is available fact,there's a specific section on sex books.hahahahaha.the preview was 'UPlifting'.hahahahahahah

fireworks are legal in india.there are a few fireworks stores scattered in new town.

this is a small part of what they have as stocks.hahahahaha.

however,you will find the outrageous here as well.

carrom powder.why on earth would a picture of a sexy woman be appropriate on the cover of a bottle of carrom powder???what do the indian people have use of the carrom powder besides applying it on carrom boards before play?it baffles me.
now everybody,its pronounced as LAV-JI-BHAI....there's the number 69 as

instead of memory lane,its known as paper rose here in india.

this is by far the funniest shit i have ever seen.hahahahaha.

i was very tired during my first month here.that is because i was the captain of my batch for the PIDC Cup 2009 and the class  representative.

i know.i ask myself why countless of times as well.

it's so stressful.......

one of the many stressful situations i've encountered.this is when i went and ordered the jerseys for my batch mates.i feel like burning the shop down.i came for like 4-5 times and yet i went home feeling pissed.they can't get a single thing right!.

one of many emo shots of me no thanks to dorothy!

hahahaha.she took a lot of my photos that are not deemed fit to be seen and yet she posted them all on facebook.

yeah.she's one of 46 students who are pursuing the same course as me.

i give you jaimie and ashveen.hahahahaha.

this is shane.

this are just a few of my friends.hahaha.

so far there has been 2 functions that had taken place.first up is deepavali night.

joanna and i.i don't have the time to elaborate on the function.the pictures on facebook tell the story by their own.sorry ya.

the PIDC Cup 2009 closing night.i only have two pictures that i took with my phone.this and.....

ladies and gentleman, i give you cindy ooi.i had a minor crush on her.she's my senior!hahaha.too bad she has a boyfriend.

i now know why ian and daryl didn't update their blogs.medical studies are seriously tough.i'm so damn busy with assignmentsand weekly tests.gosh.

this is the lateral aspect of the temporal bone from gray's anatomy page 473.i had to draw it.....

i drew it.i didn't trace it or got somebody to draw it for was so hard!

this is the norma somehow reminds me of my housemate.hmmmmm.

this is the norma lateralis.

i have to draw 2 diagrams each week.its a wonder how someone like me could come up with pictures like on earth did a guy who never got an 'A' for arts come up with drawings (plus shading!) like that?hahahaha.bakat terpendam.

i'm so sorry if my blog post is not as exciting as's just that i'm so busy with stuff.i'll try my very best to update my blog.don't worry ang,i'm gonna get you your kama sutra.yours too,sam!